Our cuisine

The MangiaStorie kitchen is the beating heart of our restaurant. Located in Cavallino-Treporti, MangiaStorie combines the culinary traditions of our area with a contemporary twist. Each dish is prepared with fresh, local ingredients, carefully selected to provide anauthentic dining experience.

Our culinary philosophy is based on respect for the earth and its fruits. We collaborate with local farmers and producers to ensure that every ingredient is of quality. This attention to quality is reflected in every dish, which enhances the authentic flavors of our land. Our cuisine is a sensory journey combining tradition and creativity. Each dish is a tribute to the roots of our land, but with a modern twist that makes it special. Our kitchen brigade works with passion and dedication to transform simple ingredients into true works of culinary art.

The dining experience at MangiaStorie is not limited to food. Thecozy environment and relaxed atmosphere make the perfect setting to fully enjoy our dishes. Our kitchen is a place where authentic flavors and local stories meet, creating a unique experience for each guest.

Every dish we prepare is a story that comes from our land. Authentic flavors, intense aromas and vibrant colors reflect the beauty and richness of our land. The cuisine of MangiaStorie is a tribute to the biodiversity of our land, transforming simple raw materials into extraordinary culinary creations.

We use innovative culinary techniques to reinterpret traditional recipes, creating dishes that surprise and delight our guests. The creativity and passion of our kitchen team led by Cristian Angiolin is reflected in every detail, from the choice of ingredients to the presentation of dishes.

At MangiaStorie, cooking aims to be an art form that combines tradition and innovation, creating culinary experiences that touch the heart. Each dish is an invitation to discover the authentic flavors of our land, to explore the stories and traditions that make our cuisine unique.