Why a greenhouse?

Why a greenhouse? The choice of MangiaStorie is deeply connected to our philosophy and history. After the1966 flood, the greenhouses became a symbol of rebirth for local agriculture. We wanted to pay homage to this tradition by transforming the greenhouse into a place where nature and cuisine meet.

The large windows in our greenhouse create a bright and welcoming environment where guests can enjoy the view of the surrounding garden. This direct contact with nature makes every visit to MangiaStorie a unique experience, combining the beauty of the landscape with the pleasure of good food.

The greenhouse also represents our philosophy of transparency and connection with nature. The large windows allow for natural light and a feeling of being surrounded by greenery, creating a cozy and serene environment. Every detail of our greenhouse is designed to reflect the deep connection with the land and to offer our guests an experience that goes beyond just a meal.

The greenhouse is also a symbol of sustainability. We prefer environmentally friendly farmers and promote the use of local and seasonal ingredients. This approach allows us to offer fresh, wholesome dishes that reflect the richness and variety of our area.

The greenhouse is a place where the stories of our land come to life. Each dish tells a story of love for the land, respect for nature, and passion for cooking. MangiaStorie is a place where tradition meets the present, creating a culinary experience that celebrates the roots and culture of our land.

To come to MangiaStorie is to enter a world of culinary tales, where every bite is a piece of a larger story. We invite everyone to experience this with us, to discover how food can become a medium for telling and sharing stories that touch the heart. Each visit to MangiaStorie is a chapter in a story that continues to grow and evolve, reflecting our passion for tradition and innovation.