Who we are

MangiaStorie was born from the passion for our land and the desire to tell authentic stories through food. Located in Cavallino-Treporti, our Restaurant-serra represents a place dedicated to food and wine and conviviality. Every dish we serve is a homage to the cultural roots of our area, prepared with fresh and genuine ingredients where simplicity blends with the contemporary, celebrating the traditions of the past.

Each of Us represents a interweaving of stories : tales told to us as children, stories from grandparents and teachers, lived experiences that made us grow up and move us. Stories bind us to the past and propel us into the future.
Grandfather Victor used to say, “ Respect every leaf of the lettuce, don’t throw anything away.”.
He cultivated the land with love and patience because, “no matter what and how much you do, it is how you do it that makes the difference.”
We want to celebrate these moments by transforming wholesome ingredients into culinary experiences that pay homage to our tradition. Come discover our history and let yourself be enveloped in the magic .

Each dish is the result of hands that work with dedication , but MangiaStorie is not just cooking, it wants to be emotion: the celebration of an event, the warmth of family lunches and the butterflies in the stomach on a first date. We are a crossroads of stories, passions and ideals that touch the heart by offering an experience beyond just a meal.

We respect tradition
Celebrating the land.